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RE: Campaign to Bring Back King Kong

#46 by phil ( deleted ) , Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:45 am

As I have said previously I have not yet ventured into the new Bull Ring. I have dropped the wife there often and even picked her up there. I have seen clips on the computer and all they ever show is the Bull which I like and the stainless steel monstrosity which I don't.

I never tire of looking at these old clips. though I find the commentary a bit corny, and the Terry Savalas one is just awful.

Incidentally on the second clip of the Bull ring 15 seconds in two girls dressed in green & red turn a corner of the mall, I'm sure the one in green is my wife and the one in red is her sister. I've asked her and she says she cant be sure. but it could be.


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RE: Campaign to Bring Back King Kong

#47 by mollymandysb , Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:10 am

hi all

a lovely blustery but bright day here, washing on line.

s.b. i admit the 60s bull ring got dirty and had to be re vamped but when new it was clean and white and bright, the rotunda stood out. the new bull ring, yes lots of people probably do come in coach loads to see the shopping centre, lots of people go on coach trips to garden centres (webbs of wychbold etc) and probably buy at exhorbitant prices things that you can get in a local market. this bit is controversial i know but i think these coach trippers are just mindless, i bet they dont go into the rag market. that used to be brilliant for picking up material for either dressmaking or upholstery, now its a dive.

in the 60 i felt very safe walking around birmingham at night time on my own. in fact, when i had been out clubbing and caught the night service home i would walk back to my flat and feel quite safe. when i was a student and my first hubby was an apprentice we, obviously did not have a lot of money, so we would walk all over the city into the jewellry quarter, gunmakers arms was a pub we used, handsworth, nechells etc. we always felt quite safe. now i would not go there and feel quite clostraphobic when i go to the city. funny tho i dont feel that way when i go to london.

thats just me


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RE: Campaign to Bring Back King Kong

#48 by Voltman , Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:48 pm

The Bull Ring built in the sixties was very nice for it's day. I passed through it every
day in it's later years. it was poorly maintained the subways were used as toilets by late night drinkers and rarely cleaned, muggings were common and the pathways were filthy. I am sorry but the old bullring ended up as a total disgrace it certainly wouldn't be big enough for todays trade. (edited) SB

That's the only Bullring I remember because I'm so young.

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