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Plastic IN Bottled Water

#1 by Voltman , Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:48 am

Water in plastic bottles sounds harmless enough, now it seems there is plastic in the water in plastic bottles.
The quantities of particles found in some brands are alarming whilst other brands had no particles at all.

I would like to see a published list of the brands tested, along with the results.
In the meantime I will filter my own Tesco and Morrisons sparkling waters to see what I find. This will remove the fizz of course so I won't be able to drink it afterwards.

"Bottled water: WHO launches plastic health review"

It's not just bottled water, earlier investigations have found microplastics in tap water, beer, sea salt and fish.

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RE: Plastic IN Bottled Water

#2 by Sheldonboy , Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:02 pm

I have said for many years, the human race has worried for years about the world ending. I think it's quite likely that man will poison it and kill himself off. If this does happen any other life forms that survive may just have a fighting chance.
This planet is in my opinion well over populated, crops are being manipulated and poisoned. Plastic fish are being caught. That of course is without wars and other people being poisoned on our streets.
I understand now that our troops are to be offered Anthrax inoculations. I am not in any rush to go yet but I am glad that I am at this end of my life rather than starting out as a kid right now.

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