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Best Before Labels May Be Scrapped

#1 by Sheldonboy , Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:02 pm

Some think this was a good idea. Some say it wastes food. What do you think Mike as our resident expert I'm sure you have a view.

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RE: Best before labels may be scrapped

#2 by mikejee , Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:42 pm

If we are talking about "best before" labels, and not "use by" ones I would agree that they often result in a lot of good food going to waste. In fact "use by" ones are also very conservative, and for most products I would be happy to use products 2 days after their "use by" date providing they smelled and looked OK. If they do scrap them then there will still be indications as to when the product was made, for the benefit of the manufacturer and retailer for the benefit of stock control, but they may not be obvious to the average consumer. I don't think that any reputable big retailer would put very out of date stock on thebshelves, but when you come to small shops or markets, then there might be a problem if there was no way of the customer checking how old it was for more perishable products. Obviously 10year old salt will be just as good as new, but 18 month old crisps would be a different matter. 18 month Cadburys chocloate would be perfectly edible, but might not have such a strong flavour, whereas Yorkie tastes vile however old it is


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