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Charity Organisation Living The High Life

#1 by Voltman , Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:18 am

I don't understand why we support foreign charities, most of them might be "Not For Profit" but that is after the people involved have taken out all the money.

"Teachers Group: The cult-like group linked to a charity that gets UK aid"

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RE: Charity Organisation Living The High Life

#2 by mikejee , Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:32 pm

But it's not just foreign charities. Nowadays all charities are run by "professionals", that is people who likely as not have little real caring for the causes they are working for, who are trained as sales and marketing people , out to get as much money onto their organisation as possible, so they can justify their over-large salaries. this is not to denigrate the many people who work for them, who usually do care very much, but the "managers", often people who have failed in the real world and convince charities they are worth something. Disturbingly they increasingly also use money , which people donate thinking its is going to people in need, to air- fairy campaigns , which , of course need more managers to manage and do bugger all for people in need . Some years ago the Spastics society (as it was then , decided to close some of its homes , which were helping people so that they could concentrate on "campaigning" . Load of bollocks!. Recently I have had words with Macmillan, an eminently helpful, worthy and good organisation , who have been using their money in employing some firm to "survey" people on how they thought information on the cancer registry ( which records cancer patients in England and wales) should be handled. However, after answering all the questions, someone (me), who did not fit what they wanted to hear, was told that they did not fit the profile they were looking for. The results of this "survey" would presumably be used as £evidence£. Apart from the fact that I consider the use of money donated by the public to them should be used in this way, there is what I consider very dubious goings on in either tMacmillan's hierarchy or the polling company. Yet my concerns were brushed away on contacting them with a load of gobbldegoop, Thus probably a fraudulent survey will be used as evidence.


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