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Charringtons Pub Photo Archive

#1 by Voltman , Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:33 am

A large collection of pub photo's, thrown out by the brewer and rescued by an employee, has been badly digitised and put on-line.
"Pub pictures saved from London skip displayed online"

The archive is here but opens with a rubbish map interface which makes these miserable dark photo's dificult to access and view.,2.75617

It took some expert over four months to digitise these photo's. They talk about scanning photo's as if it is some kind of black art. I could have done the job in a week and it would have cost them a lot less for a much better job.

The David Hey's Collection of Railway Photographs
Calendars for all years
British Movietone


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RE: Charringtons Pub Photo Archive

#2 by mikejee , Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:12 pm

i agree its a pretty awfully produced site. What really gets me is that at one time the national brewwery society had a very good collection of material. I don't think this included this material which came from elsewhere, the brewery society material was all available at birmingham Central library, but then the library decided that, other than the Ansells & M& B stuff, it wasn't suitable for them to hold it (and for all I know they were already thinking about converting parts of the library for google) and it was all dispersed to various places. We could have had a national archive of brewery pictures, books, and everything in Birmingham


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