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London Tube Strike, Who Cares?

#1 by Voltman , Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:49 am

Whilst the tube strike won't interest many of us I thought this BBC article was quite interesting.

I particularly like suggestions 10 and 14.
The tube map shows the order of stations, in a straight line, but not their proximity to each other.
In my experience it is possible to go three stations and come up in plain sight of your starting station. I think a good amount of income is derived from unnecessary journeys so it isn't in the operators interest to mark their map with the alternative walking distances.
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RE: London Tube Strike, Who Cares?

#2 by mikejee , Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:50 am

To put in walking distances would make the map so clogged up as to be unreadable. The tube map was designed to make it easy to see the separate lines clearly, rather than having a curling mess of different coloured lines. Far better is a map of the area with the tube stations marked, so that you could see which is the nearest to your destination. The little handout from them used to have that , for central london, on the back of the map of the tubes. I Assume it still does.


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