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St Edburgha's Church, Old Yardley

#1 by Voltman , Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:54 am

I have just been reliably informed that a number of the places where peoples ashes are buried, in the grounds of Yardley Church, have been desecrated.

The culprit seems to be Birmingham Council, who carry out the task of maintaining the church yard.
A least one tree has been pulled out of the ground, roots and all, whilst all the brass plaques that were affixed into the ground around said tree, to mark the burial spots, have been cast aside.
The plaques were found this morning just lying around, waiting to be stolen.

If I knew more I would lay the blame firmly where it belongs but at this time the only conclusion I can draw is that a team of thoughtless morons, were dispatched to the site to cause as much damage as possible while destroying a tree. This isn't the first time damage to memorials has been noted in recent years, including the near destruction of one plaque probably by a lawnmower.

This may be of no significance to those with no connection to this church, but to those whose family ashes are buried there any thoughtless act can be a source of great distress.
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RE: St Edburgha's Church, Old Yardley

#2 by The Mitz , Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:05 am

Thoughtless actions sadly.
If they want to move a grave they have to go through the correct channels, but in this instance it seems they don't have to bother

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RE: St Edburgha's Church, Old Yardley

#3 by Sheldonboy , Tue Dec 24, 2013 2:48 pm

Volty that is a disgrace but hardly a surprise. Our city council have no respect for anyone living or dead. We were in Yardley Cemetary on Sunday afternoon. The amount of graves desecrated my the mindless action of council workers is shocking. They had fixed posts behind the gravestones used plastic strapping with tighteners to test the safety of the stones so that they didn't fall on children etc. Needless to say the council have broken hundreds of memorials in many cemetaries.
When will our great leaders learn to back off, leave things alone (If it ain't broke don't fix it) and get on with providing the services that are needed to run our city. Instead of sacking everyone and cutting back on essential services.
Its a good job it's Christmas or I would get mad. SB

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RE: St Edburgha's Church, Old Yardley

#4 by astoness , Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:39 pm

no surprise to me...[Frowning]


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