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RE: Greater Birmingham

 by astoness , Tue May 06, 2014 6:47 am

Quote: Cleopatra wrote in post #2
I wish people would stop trying to take way our heritage. Why can we not have a Greater Birmingham for marketing purposes and leave the regional identities within the UK alone. The last thing we need is a larger Birmingham Council throwing its weight around

totally agree with you cleo..ive been following this wonderful (not) idea for some time now...areas such as the black country are fiercely proud of their area and the name and they have had for centuries..they have done far more than birmingham to protect their heritage (ie the black country museum) and what do we have on the same lines?? the tiny back to backs....why should they and other areas be lumbered with the name greater birmingham...i am sure the powers that be sit in their offices twiddling their thumbs and think...right... now what can we do upset everyone...stupid idea and i hope it never happens...


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