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RE: Birmingham Lib Dem - Conservative Alliance

 by Voltman , Wed May 18, 2011 8:37 am

Posted by phil
When the Lib Dem's formed the coalition with the Tory's after the last General Election instead of the Labour party they said it was their duty to stand together with the largest party to ensure that we had a stable government and they were doing it for the good of the country.

In the recent local election in Birmingham the Tory's lost 6 seats making Labour the biggest party in the Council, when asked about the possibility of the Lib Dem forming a coalition with Labour the Lib Dem leader Insultingly compared the idea to that of Churchill teaming up with Hitler. What happened to their duty to stand with the largest party, and the good of the city. It looks as if they are still running scared from their Tory masters.


Here we go with the old Hitler comparisons again, I don't like the Labour Party or anything they used to do, I say 'used to do' because I thought they were the best Conservative government we have had since Mrs Thatcher, but surely any politician who starts comparing living persons to Hitler should be defending themselves in court, it's an easy win for the prosecution. One is a lunatic mass murderer and the other, oh wait, I see his point.

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