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RE: Tory Twitter

 by mikejee , Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:40 pm

I would agree that the entire matter has probably been exagerated out of proportion.
However also showing up today in the papers is the matter of lying to the electorate. To my mind the entire matter of lying is not treated seriously enough. The Woolas bloke is suspended and removed from parliament because he lied ABOUT ANOTHER POLITICIAN. But politicians lie all the time. Today it emerges that Clegg had already decided to not oppose student course charges some time before he made a video for the union of students saying he would always oppose charges. Whatever you think about students (and degrees in Golf, Football, Managment at Macdonalds and Media studies are just plain ridiculous) , Clegg has not been chucked out of parliament . Nor has Cameron for his lies. The point is these lies were "only " made about voters, not politicians, and so they are just "naughty" and are accepted.

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